VIP villa town project

Villa town is a very special and private place with private pool options and includes play grounds and 24/7 security etc.
This villa town includes 155m2 to 195m2 villas which are dependant and independent from each other

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ویلاهای جدید مستقل

3 bed room new dependant villas from 405m2 till 490m2


Semi dependant 3 bedrooms from 240m2 till 300m2

ویلای سه خواب

410 3 bedroom villas

ویلای سه خواب

420 3 bedroom villas




Payment conditions

30% in the beginning and the rest in long term instalments without interest





VIP town options

24/7 security


Private pool

لوگو گروه مشاوره و سرمایه گذاری کارگر

Our experience guaranties the security of your investment

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