Avant garde tourist town project

The largest Avant Gard complex in the country which its towers contains studios, one bedroom, two bedroom, three beds and penthouse with the distance of only 600 meters from the Mediterranean sea. This complex right now is the most equipped town in the country with all the conditions of a 5 star hotel which includes 4 phases. Phase 1 and 2 of the project is done and ready to be delivered and phase 3 will be delivered in 2021 and phase 4 will be delivered in 2022.
Project type: beach resort
Property type: apartment
City: Iskele
Area: long beach
Unit’s area: from 42 m2 until 220 m2
Project status: ready and presale
Phase 3 delivery time: 2021
Phase 4 delivery time: 2022

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Pent house


Studio from 42 m2 till 52 with 8 to 15 m2 terrace

یک خواب

One bedroom from 60m2 till 66m2 with 8 to 15 m2 terrace

دو خواب 76 متر

Two bedroom from 76m2 till 86m2 with 8 to 22 m2 terrace

Pent house 90 m2 until 199 m2 pent house with 22 to 67 m2 terrace




Payment condition

30% payment while signing contract

70% long-term instalments without interest





Avantgarde tourist resort options

Sports play grounds


Children’s play ground

Aqua Park

Family pool

Salt pool

Café and bakery


Super market

Olympic pool

Fake lake

Summer pools

Traveling agency


Pavement path

Wine bar

MMA gym

Beach volleyball

Sports equipment in open ground

Taxi and automobile rental

Bicycle rental

BBQ place

Skateboard Park


Educational centre

Karaoke and disco

Glasses store

Tech store

Chinese restaurant

Relaxation and healthcare methods

Tech repair and technical studio


Children’s pool

Chess in open ground

Gaming centre

spring waterpool



Large pool


boat trips

Beauty care

Café salon bars and pool

Beauty centre

Different massage types

Play studio (snooker, video games, and ping pong)

Traditional bath

Yoga studio

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