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لوگو گروه مشاوره و سرمایه گذاری کارگر
Kargar investment and consulting group

about us

Provides sales of residential or commercial properties with a group of specialists and experienced consultants. Also with the help of our lawyers we provide the contracts and sales with the highest quality so there will not be any issues regarding your investments now or in future.
If you want to come from other countries and visit north Cyprus Famagusta to invest. You can use our free 3 day tour. Our services start from welcoming you from the airport to saying goodbye to you at the airport.

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Receive the best option for your proposal from our real estate consultants

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Our representors are ready to give you their best consultations for your buying, selling or even renting actions.

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Experience your Buying or selling property with the best real estate consultant of north Cyprus: kargar real estate


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